The careful management of a property portfolio can help improve its profitability. This can be achieved through portfolio expansion, improving rental yields, or increasing capital growth. Monitoring overheads, minimising rental voids and strategic refinancing, also contribute to enhance portfolio performance.

Once an investor has a small portfolio and positive financial position, they may be able to raise additional funds to help expand. This enables investors to diversify and spread their investments in different areas and different property strategies, such as houses of multiple occupation or serviced accommodation units.Regular reviews of property portfolios are an important element of portfolio management. A regular review of overheads can help identify cost-saving options. The portfolio should be regularly assessed from a profit and loss perspective. Such assessments may identify growth opportunities as well as any less profitable properties or those continually requiring a high level of maintenance. Reviewing the portfolio can also help identify any refurbishment or major improvement opportunities that may add value and help it achieve a greater rental yield.
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Oversea Clients

Over recent times we have the privilege of watching our client base substantially increase to include Foreign Nationals who wish to purchase and invest in the UK property management. This is a highly specialised area which we are experienced in and have close relationships with many Foreign and Private Banks where we are skilled in framing a mortgage case for our clients to fit the stringent criteria of the lenders we use.

We are very well versed in helping our clients navigate the UK property process from how to make an offer with an estate agent to setting completion dates. We aim to give all of our overseas clients the extra help they need when investing in the UK and are happy to name many of them firm and long standing friends of Hudson & Browne.

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